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Baliage baby

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Monday, December 02, 2013

Well well well its been a little while since our last post so please forgive our silence. Tis the season you see and we have been bombarded with wedding goodness, work xmas parties and the general buzz that is Summer in Perth. So this is just a quick check in to show you what we've been up to and what's hot in the salon right now.

Firstly let me address the big issue. BALIAGE! Hot or not?

HOT. Yep we are still pumping out the baliage. I guess what's so great about this trend is its so easy to personalise and adapt to each individual. We're finding a lot of you are opting to "tone down" your baliage look at the moment hence giving a more natural and what we at Spoilt like to call "tasteful baliage". Check out this recent gorgeous Spoilt customer.


What is Baliage? For those of you too scared to dare ask, exhale as I have the answer. Baliage is a colour technique where we give the hair a colour fading into another colour. Usually it's darker on the roots fading out to lighter on the ends. Baliage traditionally is a term hairdressers used to call free hand painting colour on the hair. Instead of foils ya see? Back in the day it was commonly used to give blonde tips to all our Shayne Warne worshippers in the late 90's early 00's.

What's great about this technique? Why is it so popular?

Well man, it's Boho. And Boho is so hot right now. It's fun, it's cool and its an opportunity to experiment with colours you might now normally. By keeping darker solid colour roots often you can hide that nasty re growth peeking through for longer whilst still keeping the bulk of you hair blonde. Or red or copper or whatever floats your boat.

So please tell us, how do you wear your baliage?

Stay tuned for more updates on recent hot updo's.


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