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How to curl with a GHD straightening iron

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Well it's an oldie and we've been doing it for a while now but lets face it, so many of you still suck at it. So we thought we would get back to basics for all you lovely ladies who have been slogging this out at home for so long and still just cant get it. And don't worry, you are  not alone. Also i think its important to note that you don't actually have to use a GHD specifically, we use CLOUD 9 irons at the salon and they are our favourite. Any salon brand iron should do it. If its not working for you and you have a cheap and nasty iron, this could be your problem.


Section your hair out clipping most of it up the top out of the way. We want to start at the back at the nape of the neck. Reason for this is the curls often drop so by the time you get to the front you'll know if you should be doing them a little slower or perhaps with smaller sections. And this way if you screw a few up whilst you get your flow, its hidden underneath. Remember, small sections give tighter/smaller curls and larger sections give looser curls.


Clamp the iron in the hair, press the hair firmly between the plates and then turn the irons 90 - 180 degrees, does not matter which direction. Don't be afraid of pressing too hard or burning the hair. Just give it a twist with your wrist. Not to confuse things but as you become more advanced you will work out that you can start half way down the hair for that looser look, starting at the top gives fuller, tighter and bouncier curls. But lets just focus on the technique first hey?


Pull the iron down the hair gently continuing to turn the iron as you pull. Now remember don't worry too much about pressing too firmly and the slower you do it, the tighter the curl. Also the slower you do it, the more likely the curl is to hold.


Release the curl from the iron and use your fingers to twirl it into shape, sometimes the just need a little help at the end to twist and assist it into the shape your after. Do it quickly so it cools down whilst in your desired shape, this helps it set. 


Repeat this process working up towards the top of the head finishing at the front. Take your time and i find it helps to not try so hard. Maybe opt for the messier look so if you have few bits going in odd directions it's all good. Oh and this is an important tip : if it does not curl right on your first attempt DO NOT keep going over it. The hair will become too hot and it will go dead straight and you will never get it. Allow the hair to cool and come back to it at the end.


You know have a full head of curls. Spray them like crazy with some hair spray.

Step 7

For a more tossled look, run your hands through and pull it out with your fingers. Shake it up a bit and spray some more. Oh and another important tip: this works best on dirty hair. Day old at least, not too dirty or they will drop out. Feel free to spray along the way with hair spray to help it along.

Hope this helps, if you still just cant quite get the hang of it, feel free to hit me with your questions or alternatively any more handy tips are welcome. x

Veta commented on 20-Jul-2014 04:31 PM
Very good post! We are linking to this great post on our site.
Keep up the great writing.
Elsa@Spoilt commented on 21-Jul-2014 10:39 AM
Veta, thanks so much xx
Olivia Martin commented on 18-Nov-2014 04:07 AM
It is great I tried this one and this actually looks very good on me. Every one praised me for this.

Thanks again for the post.

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