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Runner up in WASP photographic competition

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Tuesday, February 25, 2014


So we did a photo shoot as we often do. What was different about this one was we decided to go about this task free from the constraints of competition guidelines. We wanted to do work that represented who we were as hair "artists" at Spoilt and also who our sexy clients are. I mean what is the point in doing some whizz bang a-symmetrical bowl hair cut with 50 different carefully placed colours if all our existing fans are going to look at it and think I've lost the plot and run for the door. Not saying those looks aren't truly genius, creative and clever but its just not US.

So what is "us" your asking? And what do we think you our ever devoted clients are? Well derrrr we're all sexy. We're fun and flirty every day chicks that love all things hot but most important relatively low maintenance and simple to recreate at home. I wanted to create a picture that you would look at it and go "DAMNNNNNNNN that's hot, give me that."

So we did and here it is. What do you think?

So a big congrats to Spoilt on winning Runner Up's in the WASP photographic competition. Especially well done to Samie our hair extension guru who did a truly "fully sick" job on these extensions.

Also this hot look was created using our ORGANIC Zenz Therapy hair colour range. I just love showing that organic colouring has the ability to be so cool. Dont you think?






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