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Seriously It's Time To Change Your Hairstyle!

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Where to start on this one, sheesh we all know someone. Usually it's a parental figure or a daggy aunt (no not you) but not always my friends, not always. 

You know how we all have that one pair of shoes or that one pair of jeans that you just love love love and wish you had bought 10 pairs of because they are just "that awesome"? You know how you'll wear the shit out of that fav item sometimes for years denying it's obvious decay until the day comes, and the day always comes, where you just have to accept that you have worn them to death & they really aren't cool anymore? Well the same thing happens to your hairstyle, except with your hairstyle you have the ability to maintain it and keep it fresh for decades so you can keep fooling yourself into thinking it looks good.

It can happen without you even realising. And if you are reading this and your saying to yourself "oh this doesn't apply to me, i have flair i can pull this off" or "no no my look truly is timeless" well i'm here to tell you it is not. And here is my reasons why you should change your hairstyle.

No1 - The most obvious, it's no longer in fashion. Look i'm all for vintage styles and they can def be made to look cool but if you've been rocking that exact same style for the past decade, it's not cool on YOU anymore. Here are some examples of past trends that need to be let go of.

No2 - YOUR SKIN TONE CHANGES. A lot of people don't realise that your skin tones changes as you age. I mean we should adjust our colours to suit the seasons anyways because lets face it we have different colouring in summer and winter. Im not saying we need to be drastic like brunette one season and blonde the next but as an example; we might like to add some depth or texture to our blondes in winter so we don't look washed out and in summer we can afford to maybe brighten up as we get a bit of colour in our cheeks. Some people don't consider this at all, for any time of the year and for years to come. 

No3- There is no number 3, the first 2 are enough.

So how to tell someone "seriously, it's time to change your hairstyle":

1. Buy them a gift voucher to a hair salon they haven't tried before, preferably one hip & trendy (ahem Spoilt Hair Retreat cough cough)

2. Stage an intervention where you rally all your immediate friends and family to tell them their hair is tragic (warning: this could be quite emotionally damaging)

3. Casually mention you are looking for a new look and suggest browsing pictures together to create an opportunity to make suggestions to said friend with tragic hair. 

4. Email the link to this post to the tragic hair person.

Now i fully understand that if you've been rocking the same style for the past 20 years it is probably because your happy and you love it and that's great. So you're probably wondering why the hell i should be telling you to get a new look if your happy with what you've got? Well my intentions are pure i promise. The feeling you will get having a fresh new look is priceless and that's why i do what i do, to give people a spring in their step & a beautiful glow that comes with feeling fantastic. I want that for you all. And world peace. :-)


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