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Spoilt Wedding Goss, Brides Fart Too

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Friday, April 17, 2015

Well my big day finally came..........and went. So fast, so so so fast. However it truly was the best weekend EVER! The weather was perfect, we could not have asked for a more glorious day and everything ran so smoothly and with the magnificent Eagle Bay/Point Piquet back drop for our ceremony we got some beautiful shots.

So we shut up the salon for the day (GASP, and on a Saturday) and the world did not stop rotating without us :-). My beautiful team came down south for the weekend and wow how quickly we can rip through a bridal party when you have the entire team working. Bride, bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls, friends all done in about 3 hours with both hair and make up. Sensational! Now i know how the celebs do it. Not only that but check out how hot the team themselves looked for the wedding........

So its fair to say i absolutely loved myself sick on my big day. I felt like a lady, i looked like a lady and for one day of my life i almost acted like a lady but hey, brides fart too. So the highlights:

  • Speeches - AMAZING! Full of compliments, praise and embarrassing stories of the bride. My usually quiet and shy groom publicly poured his heart out declaring his love for me and my jaw is still dragging on the ground.  I laughed, i cried and i loved every minute. 
  • The beach ceremony - AMAZING! just look at the pics, so beautiful
  • Family and friends - how lucky we were to spend a weekend with our loved ones, most who travelled from all corners of the country. We are so grateful to have been surrounded with so many beautiful people that love us and went above and beyond to help create our special day. A massive thank you to you all. 
  • The bridal party and their partners- pretty safe to say Mitch and i are the luckiest people on Earth to have such incredible (and good looking) humans in our life. We will be forever grateful, im still bursting with happiness over our AWESOME bridal party and their partners.
  • Our children - just beautiful, i think the pics say it all. 
  • Team Spoilt Hair Retreat - my other love in my life. They truly are talented each and every one ( they learn from the best, cough, so modest)  and did such an incredible job on the entire bridal party hair and makeup. We looked super hot and i have to say it was nice to finally be in the chair for once.

So that's the short and sweet inside scoop on my big day. For drunken hilarities and other fun pics and goss you'll have to make an appt. A massive thank you to everyone for your gifts, cards and well wishes. Love you all xxxx

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