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What to do when you leave the hair salon in tears

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Look we know it happens. So often we finish doing your hair and we see the half smile, or the no smile or are you blinking back tears? And a little piece of us dies inside. 

I've never understood how i can give someone an incredible hair cut 25 times in a row but get one slightly wrong and YOUR DEAD! You will forever be that awful hair cut story that your client tells every hairdresser for the REST OF HER LIFE! 

Why don't we walk around reminiscing about our fabulous child hood hair cuts? NO ONE does this. Because for some reason we all thrive on our shit experiences. A fringe too short when you were 12 and you will NEVER cut a fringe again. A blonde gone too gold on one occasion out of 50 and you will HATE and DESPISE gold and all its relatives for the REST of your life. You will boldly demand ASH toners until you are dead. We've all had a bad hair experience and for some reason it becomes a permenant memory to be shared every time you sit in the salon chair FOREVER. 

But seriously when you've finished up in the hair salon and you hate your hair but don't want to offend anyone so say nothing and then either go home and wash it out or frantically phone every other Perth hair salon trying to get it 'fixed",  i'm telling you we want you to TELL US! PLEASE, i'm begging you, grow some balls.....TELL US!  I can't speak for all Perth hairdressers, only us and we want to know. We're big girls and comfortable enough in our own skin to know we don't always get it right and we want the opportunity to fix it. 

In my salon we endeavour to our best every day. I believe my staff genuinely care for their clients and are committed to giving great hair and amazing service. But i'm the first to admit we don't always get it right. Sometimes we have a sick child at home, a dog just put down or a client thats come in 20 minutes late in tears after hearing some dreadful news and we squeeze her in anyway to cheer her up even though that holds you up later in the day. We do the best we can and if we make a mistake we want to know because we care. And as a team we want to fix it so i'm hear to ASK you, next time you hate your hair, you'll make us very happy if you let us fix it. 

We value each and every one of our clients and we want clients for life, so at Spoilt Hair Retreat, constructive criticism welcome. 

Now have you had a good hair experience? We'd love to hear it. 

Julie Peacocke commented on 22-Jul-2015 07:10 PM
Thanks Elsa-Rene for posting this thought that all professional stylists and salon owners have had at one time or another. Your blog isn’t just helping Perth hairdressers, we salute you from Sydney!

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