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Where Bobby Pins Go To Die

Elsa-Rene Henderer - Wednesday, March 04, 2015

They’re like socks and pens. One minute you have hundreds and the next minute you have none. SO ANNOYING!

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret land just full of all the worlds missing socks, pens and bobby pins? I have for sure; I mean it seriously is weird how they just vanish. So next time your tearing through your bathroom flinging all your make up across the room STOP and look here: 

1. Under the bed: Come on remember last time you got hammered after a wedding and ripped them all out and threw them down the side of the bed. Duhhh they’re still there.

2. In the carpet: Yes they find their way over to the little groove where the carpet meets the skirting board. Check, they think you don’t see them.

3. Search your going out clutch: You know you always throw a few in just in case you dance up sweat and need an emergency hair do mid party. 

4.Bottom of your handbag. Always here, always.

5.In your hair; if your anything like me and never brush your hair, it’s highly like if you search long enough you’ll find one or two still lurking in there.

And FYI while we’re on the subject, if you leave your bobby pins on the bathroom sink for too long, yes you will get a permanent rust stain. ANNOYING! 

Real life changing stuff here. But I could potentially have saved you hours of time searching, and saved relationships because you wont start snapping in frustration at your loved one when your on your way to a party but your late because your tearing cushions off the couch because your hair looks like crap and you have no bobby pins. 

Your welcome. 

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